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If you could only see you.

If you could step outside of yourself,

you could really see you.

You could see the child in you.

You could see the infant in you.

You could see the pain in you.

You could see the hope in you.

You could see the positivity in you.

You could believe in you.

You would be in awe

of the amazingly strong,

courageous miracle of an individual

that is you.

You would love you.

I hope you see you.


Doe Zantamata

Original Acryl Gemälde "Happy Inner Child"

  • 80x60cm, 2021


  • Acryl auf Leinwand


  • Nachhaltig: 100% Qualitätsleinen; Holz aus nachhaltiger Forstwirtschaft


  • Weltweiter Versand


  • LOVE IT - GARANTIE: 100 Tage Rückgaberecht


  • Mit Echtheitszertifikat

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