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Splattered Paint

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 Lautlos Haus 

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Artist Painting a Mural

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 Graduation Exhibition 

 Vernissage: 13.06.2024 18 Uhr 

 Finissage and diploma ceremony  20.06.2024 17 Uhr 

 SOHO STUDIOS, Liebknechtgasse 32, 1160 Wien 

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Our "Inner Worlds" exhibition was a complete success! We would like to thank the many visitors. We would particularly like to emphasise the unforgettable evening of the vernissage, which was accompanied by a guitar player and a gifted saxophonist.

Their musical performance touched us deeply. It was a unique atmosphere created by the combination of art and music.

Your presence not only enriched our exhibition, but also encouraged the coming together of art lovers, artists and art professionals. It was inspiring to enter into a dialogue with you and to hear your impressions and interpretations of our works. Your enthusiasm and appreciation are invaluable to us.

in  Lautlos.Haus Wien

Florian Schmidtner, Adriana Mehmedovic, Nuria Konate, Dana Proetsch, Diana Cheme Bös.

"Inner Worlds" is a captivating exhibition that raises awareness of the importance of our inner world and our mental health. 

Through interactive installations and impressive works of art, the audience is invited to engage with the topic. Different perspectives are explored, from the importance of emotions and thoughts to the importance of self-reflection and self-care.


The exhibition offers inspiring insights into one's own inner world and advocates a destigmatising and supportive attitude towards mental health problems. It aims to help people learn to treat themselves and others with more understanding and compassion.


Christmas market at the Ottakringer Brewery


The Ottakringer Brewery is organising a "Weihnachtszauber", a new urban Christmas market at the Ottakringer Brewery. This starts on 24 Nov. 2022 and runs every Thu. - Sun. until 23 Dec. 2022


Guest of the podcast "MAZZ AB!"

MAZZ AB! - Vollbart nachgefragt "MAZZ AB! - Vollbart nachgefragt" is an interview podcast in which interesting personalities talk about the most colourful topics. Guests have included actress Susi Banzhaf, RTL presenter Roberta Bieling, TV presenter Jochen Schropp and actress Yvonne de Bark.

Künstler Florian Schmidtner fand durch das Malen aus der Depression zurückMAZZ AB!
00:00 / 51:04

Artist Florian Schmidtner found his way out of depression through painting


"The young artist Florian fell ill with depression at a young age. He had to drop out of his business studies and was extremely restricted in his everyday life by this cunning illness. Through therapy and art, he found his way back to a self-determined, self-confident and free life. His art is painting. Each work of art tells its own story of dealing with the illness. A liberation from the disease in paintings. An atypical MAZZ AB interview that is thought-provoking, fascinating and captivating. Thank you Florian!"

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