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 artist statement

I began exploring the world of painting in 2019 and have been furthering my studies at the Kunstschule Wien since 2021, which I plan to finish in 2024.

To begin with, my artistic 
journey was a way to cope with personal depression. As young people paradoxically suffer more and more from the lack of social interactions in our connected age, I began to paint with oil about the shift of society through digital technologies. I hope to reveal to the viewer their own changing patterns of social interaction.

I begin with a real life situation and transform it into a situation full of absurdity in another world - a Meta-World.
I am interested in what would happen if a knight in shining armour on horseback from the Middle Ages entered our technological world. What would it look like? What would he
think? That is something I would like to find out by painting it.
My art is an ongoing journey of discovery in which I inspire the viewer to question our modern society.

Through expressive paintings and profound messages, I want to arouse 
curiosity and draw attention to these issues. In doing so, I strive for a critical examination
of my own and the viewer's behavioral patterns.

Splattered Paint

 last event 


 Lautlos Haus 

 group exhibition 



Artist Painting a Mural

 next event 

 graduation exhibition 

 Vernissage: 13.06.2024 18 Uhr 

 Finissage and diploma ceremony  20.06.2024 17 Uhr 

 SOHO STUDIOS, Liebknechtgasse 32, 1160 Wien 

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2023-Innenwelten_ Florian Schmidtner_Raum_Johannes Doppler_01.JPG
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